... without leaving your home.

Specializing in
• Addictions: DUI Counseling, Substance Abuse, Alcohol Dependence, Tobacco Cessation, all addictions.  Family counseling to deal with a loved one’s addiction.
Trauma: PTSD, Sexual, Physical, or Emotional Abuse
• Anxiety Disorders: Agoraphobia, Panic, OCD, Generalized Anxiety
• Relationships: Couples’ counseling, Family problems.

Life Problems:  Grief & Loss, Stress, Toxic Work Environment or Relationship, Difficult Life Transitions, Self-Esteem, Shyness, Health-related issues, Chronic Pain, Severe Self-Criticism, Wanting to find purpose and meaning or even a reason to live.

Insurance accepted for residents of Vermont. Perfect for shut-ins, those with transportation problems, agoraphobia.