Rates • Confidentiality • FAQ

$90 per session, which usually runs about 50 minutes.  I like to allow an hour and twenty minutes or more for couples and family sessions, and the rate is adjusted accordingly.  I take most insurance except Medicare, and accept Visa and MasterCard.  You can also pay through PayPal and Venmo.


Confidentiality is extremely important and something I take very seriously.  Everything is held in strict confidence.  Even your presence in treatment is not revealed to anyone without your written permission.  The only exceptions to this is when there is reason to believe that you intend to harm yourself or someone else, or if there is abuse of a child or a vulnerable elder adult.   With online therapy, there is additional protection against data breaches through encrypted communication.  Messaging is done through this website, which is secure, rather than email, which is not.  When you have an appointment, an invitation is sent to you electronically which you log onto and are then linked up through secure encrypted face-to-face teleconferencing.  HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) has clear requirements for online security.  I follow all their requirements as well as the requirements of my state licensure and my professional association's (ACA or American Counselor's Association) guidelines.  

Frequently Asked Questions