Much of what I bring to counseling comes from life experience.  I have worked as a Rug Cleaner and Carpenter, been an  Organic Gardening teacher and newspaper columnist, written songs,  and played guitar and sang lead in an acoustic band.  My wife Nancy and I still perform on occasion.  I am the father of two daughters plus four stepchildren and eight beautiful grandchildren.  Back in college I thought I was going to be a therapist, got sidetracked during the sixties, ended up years later finding a place called Spring Hill in Ashby, Massachusetts, where I trained to be on the staff of a workshop called "Opening the Heart."  That was my re-introduction to working with emotions and feelings directly with people.  After that came five years' training in Psychosynthesis, and in the same time period getting a Masters in Marriage & Family Counseling from Antioch New England.  I followed that with training in Psychodrama, and then training in Internal Family Systems.  In 1997 I got my License as a Mental Health Counselor and as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor  and have been in Private Practice since 1999.

Recently I rejoined the staff of "Opening the Heart" which presents weekend workshops at Kripalu and Omega.  I am a past president of the Vermont Mental Health Counselors' Association, and currently a member of their legislative committee.

Staying current and continuing to grow professionally have been important to me.  Currently I am in an advanced class in Internal Family Systems, and use this method in my present work.  You can read more about IFS in the section "How I work."  Subsequent to my decision to specialize in online therapy, I have completed the necessary training to become a Board Certified Telementalhealth Provider from the Telehealth Certification Institute, and am in the process to get my certificate.

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) VT #151.0127417

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) VT #068.0000400