In the “safe container” of the therapy space, and with transparency, skill and commitment on my part, the therapeutic relationship can take root and grow.


What is Online Therapy?  Is it effective? What are the advantages and disadvantages.

Online Therapy is an effect option—especially for those who are unable to travel or attain services away from their homes or work environment. Click below for a more detailed explanation and introduction.


The Online Modality


Online therapy is the perfect solution for anyone who for whatever reason has a hard time getting to appointments, whether from being housebound, unable to drive, can't take time off work, or simply is in a remote location far from a counselor's office.  Research has shown that online counseling is at least as effective as face-to face therapy.  

Personal Specialty


I have had experience working with many different kinds of problems people bring to therapy, and am licensed as both a mental health and substance abuse counselor.  Since substance abuse affects mental health and vice versa, being a dual-diagnosis professional covers a lot of ground.  See more specifics inside.     

How I Work


I make a point of creating safety and trust with clients so they feel heard and understood.  I meet people where they’re at and try to tailor what I do to their particular needs.  In a sense, I create a new approach for every client that comes along.  That being said, I have learned an effective method that is also very respectful called Internal Family Systems, or IFS.


“Working with Don has changed my life. His manner, his experience, his sense of trust and confidence: all has helped me to break habits and move through barriers.”